Discipleship is a core part of our growth as Christians.
Below are a few opportunities we provide here at Harvest.




Road to Discipleship Program. The goal of the Road To Discipleship Program (RTDP) is to see everyone at Harvest being discipled, growing in their faith and producing Godly fruit.


In order to help us evaluate where each person is on the discipleship ”road” or spectrum, and provide them with the right support, we’ve created a Member Assessment Form. We encourage you to simply complete and submit this form by doing the following:


1. Text the letters ‘MAF’ to (301) 588-8099. 
2. Complete and submit the form.


Everybody wants to belong! We all want a place where we feel at home and can connect with people who understand us with all our quirky ways; a place where we are accepted and loved, where we can build relationships, cry and laugh with others. A place where everyone knows our name. This is what our CareGroups provide.


These groups meet weekly in various communities (currently on Zoom due to the pandemic). To find a group near you:

1. Text the letters ‘CG’ to (301) 588-8099. 
2. Complete and submit the form.




Do you want to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word? Our Christian Education Program offers 12 foundational courses that can be taken over a 2-year period and provide you with an in-depth understanding of the bible.

To learn more about our various discipleship programs,

please call (301) 588-8099, ext. 1111